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Study modes at EAE Madrid

At EAE Business School Madrid, we are characterized by a proactive attitude that drives us to search for the best option to optimize your tuition. We want to equip you with knowledge based on excellence but, at the same time, facilitate your learning progress. With this in mind, our methodology is adapted to different study modes, needs and formats so that you can decide which programs best suit your needs. 

We do not all have the same circumstances nor the same preferences when it comes to training. Therefore, we offer you three different study modes, which, in turn, are adapted to different formats in terms of timetable, weekly workload, duration and intensity. 

Full-time studies

A comprehensive format with 100% on-campus classes that enables you to enjoy a unique and transformational experience with continuous learning on site and exponential growth at both a professional and personal level. This study mode is designed for professionals with more time available to dedicate to their Master studies.   

MBA in Spanish 

Master in International Business 

MBA in Sustainability Management 

Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Master in Economic Analysis of Law 

MBA in Luxury Brand Management 

Master in Management 

Master in Events Management and Organization 

Master in Marketing and Commercial Management 

Master in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce (Spanish) 

Master in Digital Marketing & E-commerce (English) 

Master in Psychology and Consumer Behaviour 

Master in Fashion and Beauty Marketing Management 

Master in Customer Experience & Innovation 

Master in Corporate & Digital Communication  

Master in Leadership of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility 

Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics (Spanish) 

Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics (English) 

Master in Project Management (Spanish) 

Master in Project Management (English) 

Master in Finance 

Master in Stock and Financial Markets 

Master in Data Science for Finance 

Master in Human Resource & Talent Development (Spanish) 

Master in Human Resource & Talent Development (English) 

Master in Big Data & Analytics 

Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Master in International Tourism Management 

Master in International Tourism and Leisure Management 

Part-Time Studies

This format is designed for executive or middle management professional profiles who want to balance their professional activity with their Master studies. This study mode enables you to optimize your learning time to the maximum without interfering with your professional activities.  


Executive MBA 

Executive MBA in Retail  



Master in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce  

Master in Marketing Management  

Master in Customer Experience & Innovation  

Master in Commercial and Sales Management 


Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics 

Master in Project Management 



Master in Financial Management 

Master in Financial Consultancy and Markets 


Master in Human Resources Management and Talent Development 

Master in Big Data & Analytics 

Hybrid Studies

This innovative study mode is designed to adapt to the modern world, combining online classes with a two-week on-campus period in Madrid. Hybrid programs are designed for professionals who want to combine their busy work lives with Master studies at EAE without having to put their job on hold or leave their home country. 

The main advantage is that it enables you to study in real time from anywhere in the world, alongside your classmates, who you can meet in person during the on-campus stages. 

This study mode offers you the following benefits: 

  • Continuity: Learn while continuing to work. You don’t have to put your professional career on hold. 

  • Real Time: Apply what you learn in real time.  

  • Flexibility: Study from the comfort of your own home or office, with the benefit of direct communication with the lecturers on the Virtual Campus. 

  • Technology: You will learn to communicate effectively with your classmates and lecturers using digital platforms. 

  • Networking: Digital platforms have no borders. Get to know your classmates, work in a group and connect with other professionals throughout the program. 

  • Dual Approach: Combining both the online and on-campus methodologies ensures that you have a more complete education, capitalizing on the advantages of learning on digital platforms and the in-person stage. 

Global Executive MBA 


Global Master in Marketing and Commercial Management 

Global Master in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce 

Global Master in Corporate and Digital Communication 



Global Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics 

Global Master in Project Management 



Global Master in Corporate Finance 


Global Master in Human Resources and Talent Development 

Global Master in Digital Tourism Management 

Global Master in Digital Tourism Management 


Your competitive advantage

As an institution committed to innovation and transformation, at EAE Business School Madrid, we have created an elective range of online specialization programs that students take at the end of their Master.  

This educational model gives you the opportunity to acquire new competencies and an individualized qualification to set yourself apart in the labour market by enhancing your professional profile.  

You have the option to choose the Minor that best adapts to your needs. 

Disruptive Leadership FT, PT & HybridES
Digital HRFTES
Health & SafetyFTES
HR AnalyticsFTES
HR AnalyticsFTEN
Big DataFT, PT & HybridES
Big DataFTEN
Introduction to Python FTES
Machine LearningFTES
Machine LearningFTEN
Electronic Commerce and Revenue Management FT, PT & HybridES
E-Commerce and Revenue Management FTEN
Digital Neuromarketing FT, PT & HybridES
Digital NeuromarketingFTEN
Smart Money & StartupsFT, PT & HybridES
AGILE Project ManagementFT, PT & HybridES
AGILE Project ManagementFTEN
Customer AnalyticsFT, PT & HybridES
Customer AnalyticsFTEN
Project ManagementFT, PT & HybridES
Project ManagementFTEN
Smart Cities Sustainable Project ManagementFT, PT & HybridES
Smart Supply Chain ManagementFT, PT & HybridES
Smart Supply Chain ManagementFTEN
Social Impact for Business: Sustainability and Ethics FT, PT & HybridES
Public Administration FTES
Design ThinkingFT, PT & HybridES
Design ThinkingFTEN
Smart Tourism DestinationsFTEN