Metodología EAE

Educational Model

EAE Methodology

The new age requires professionals equipped to be flexible and resilient, to develop their critical capacity and to lead from a professional standpoint but, most importantly, from a human perspective. These professionals must be able to build their own path forward, as well as transforming and evolving this path, embracing flexibility and an open, constructive mindset. 

To enable these professionals to be open and flexible, we have to equip them with tools that allow them to learn in a holistic way adapted to their needs, lifestyle and personal aspirations, underpinned by equality, sustainability and passion, today and throughout their lives. 

With this in mind, our educational model is the result of a constant process of adjustment of EAE Business School’s methodology and the ways it connects the students with knowledge and experience.  

The only objective of this continuous, never-ending process is to achieve more and more ways of fulfilling the students’ expectations more effectively and offering them the best options for building their career. Our goal is the same as the students’: learn and relearn. 

What is the educational model of EAE Business School Madrid based on?

Our educational model is based on a process of lifelong learning divided into three stages: 

  • Lifelong Learners:

    Lifelong Learners

    Tools for learning throughout your life, stimulating a culture of error-based learning.

  • Lifelong professionals

    Lifelong professionals

    Developing tools to grow professionally, understanding context, focusing on achievement and boosting our capacity to work autonomously. 

  • Lifelong humans

    Lifelong humans

    Consolidating human values through social values, collaboration, entrepreneurial capacity and the ability to look towards the future. 

What does the methodology involve?



This is the leader that we want you to become: curious, with a constant thirst for learning and new challenges, a professional adapted to a world in continual motion and, most importantly, a human being committed to their environment and their evolution of our society.

We build on the foundations of learning based on the following competencies:

  • Expression and communication
  • Numerical and technological capacity
  • Entrepreneurship and initiative
  • Learning to learn
  • Cultural awareness and expression

Our learning cycle:

  • Understanding and analysing the concepts.
  • Learning to define new concepts.
  • Applying and gaining a command of the tools.
  • Evaluating the processes to be able always to restart the learning cycle, improving and learning continuously.

Each step of the cycle requires innovative, active learning methods that enable us to connect and consolidate knowledge, such as:

  • Experiences in the field
  • Flipped learning
  • Seminars
  • Gamification
  • Research-based learning
  • Learning communities
  • Working remotely
  • Cooperative learning
  • Learning by doing
  • Project-based learning
  • Simulations
  • Problem-based learning
  • Case studies
  • Challenge-based learning
  • Roleplays

The School does not stop when the students leave the classroom. We offer an extensive range of extracurricular activities and complement the specific competencies of each of the qualification programs with key cross-cutting competencies for personal and professional growth.