Master in human resource & talent Development
Talent & Leadership Management

Master in Human Resources & Talent Development

Master's Degree in Human Resources and Talent Development + Program in Digital Transformation in HR

  • Full Time
  • 60 ECTS
  • Oct. 2024 - 10 months
  • English
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This master's degree is taught in ENGLISH

The Master in Human Resources and Talent Development de EAE Business School Madrid equips you to design business strategies focused on people as the key to the success of the company.

The people who make up that the company are the heart of the organization’s strategy and management and, therefore, the driving force behind its competitive advantage. To develop and retain the brightest talent, it is essential that the workplace in underpinned by an ecosystem of professional wellbeing, achievement and development. This requires a shift from the traditional model of HR management.

The Master in Human Resources and Talent Development enables you to lead decision-making, the incorporation and management of new technologies, talent development, team-building strategies, coaching and employer branding.

Gain a 360º overview of Human Resources Management at a business school that will boost your career and pave the way towards your future.


On successful completion of your program, you will receive a double qualification: the Master in Human Resources and Talent Development from EAE Business School and the Master in Human Resources and Talent Development from Universidad Internacional de la Empresa (UNIE).

Partner académico-Unie Universidad

*Official degree recognized by the Ministry of Education of Colombia and SUNEDU.

Stand out from other professional profiles by specializing in Digital Transformation in HR

Master's Degree in Human Resources and Talent Development + Program in Digital Transformation in HR (3 ECTS)

You will be able to specialize your studies by taking the Program in Digital Transformation in HR completely free of charge.

You will expand your knowledge of how digital transformation affects people management, you will be able to apply the latest trends to improve efficiency in processes and redefine how we manage and develop our talent.

This training will give you the knowledge and skills that will allow you to improve your professional profile.

  • The Essence of Digitalization and the Challenges it Poses to Businesses
  • Challenges Facing Professionals in 202x and Strategies for Addressing Them through Human Resources
  • Processes Susceptible to Digitalization in HR
  • Digitalizing with RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Visualizing and Analyzing Data with Power BI
Enroll now and start enjoying your career boosting plan.*

From the moment of your enrollment we will start working together in the materialization of your professional project through a personalized development plan. Are you going to miss it? Request information and we will explain it to you.

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Reasons to take this master

in EAE Business School
  1. Employability84.03% of companies are looking for Human Resources executives (5th Adecco Professional Report). Get ready to open up lots of professional doorways.
  2. Quality accreditationsEAE Business School is a member of the Spanish Association of People Management and Development (AEDIPE) and the Association of Human Resources Directors (AEDRH). 
  3. International Talent Program: If you are striving for international professional development, you will achieve maximum visibility among the multinational that work with EAE, thanks to Employment Workshops and interviews headhunters and international recruitment consultants.
  4. HRCI Professional CertificationThe syllabus and teaching materials are designed to enable you, if you wish, you can sit and pass the certification examinations of the Human Resources Certification Institute. Dare to take on this challenge and gain a valuable international accreditation.
  5. International Residential Program in Mysore, IndiaAt the end of the tuition period, you have the option to take part in a two-week Residential Program (at an additional cost) at the SDM Institute for Management Development.
  6. True Potential Experience: Enjoy an experience that combines the Master in Human Resource & Talent Development with a Personalized Professional Development Plan, guided by a True Potential Advisor, who will help you find, focus and develop your true potential.
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  • Principles of human resource management - 3 ECTS
    • The function of Human Resources.
    • Human Resources Management and Direction.
  • Strategic human resource management - 3 ECTS
    • Competitive strategy.
    • Organizational structure.
  • Professional ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility - 3 ECTS
    • Foundations of business ethics.
    • Social responsibility as a business action.
    • Ethics in organizations: building trust.
    • Generating value through social responsibility.
    • Company governance.
    • Key metrics for CSR management.
    • Equality in HR Management.

  • Decision-making in HR: financial decisions - 3 ECTS
    • Financial and economic information in HR.
    • Value, price and opportunity cost in decision-making.
    • Supply and demand in the labour market.
    • Optimal outsourcing based on comparative advantages.
    • Multi-factor productivity and workforces in different countries.
    • Valuation of intangibles related to HR.
    • Calculating profitability of HR investments.
    • HR costs and budgets.
    • Finance and remuneration policies.
    • Budgetary control, cost drivers vs. revenue drivers.
    • Financial forecasts, investment control and risks.
    • Strategy, balanced scorecard and KPIs.
  • Decision-making in HR: Data-based decisions - 3 ECTS
    • Data organization.
    • Decisions in Human Resources.
    • Big Data and Business Intelligence.

  • Management of the emplotment cycle of human capital - 3 ECTS
    • Human Resources social security management.
    • Recruitment and selection.
    • Onboarding.
    • Development.
    • Termination.
  • People development and talent management - 3 ECTS
    • Talent management: Talent + management.
    • Prior analysis: Strategic vision of the company.
    • Competency-based management as the basis of the talent management program.
    • Talent identification and its tools.
    • Talent management programs: Personal development plans, career plans and succession plans (components and characteristics of each).
    • Personal development tools.
    • Definitive program design, information analysis and decision-making.
  • Compensation systems - 3 ECTS
    • The function of the company’s remuneration and compensation system.
    • Fixed remuneration. The fairness of the remuneration system. The balance between internal fairness and external competitiveness. Salary review and adjustment process.
    • Corporate benefits and in-kind compensation. Benefits and granting system. Tax and employment implications.
  • Employer branding - 3 ECTS
    • Employer branding.
    • Brand construction.
    • Attracting talent.

  • Socioeconomic Impact of the Labour Market on the Organization - 3 ECTS
    • The labour market
    • The new labour market
    • Trends in the labour market
  • Legal Labour Framework – 3 ECTS
    • Employment law
    • Employment law in the new environments
    • Companies and the legal employment framework
    • Employment law and Human Resources
  • Global Management of Human Capital – 3 ECTS
    • Globalization in Human Resources management
    • Corporate management
    • Human Resources in global settings

  • Leadership, team building & coaching - 6 ECTS
    • The executive competency profile.
    • Leadership.
    • Teambuilding.
    • Coaching.
  • Change management - 3 ECTS
    • Organization and change.
    • Resistance to change.
    • Change planning.
    • Organizational development.
  • Labour welfare and healthy organizations - 3 ECTS
    • Quality in work.
    • Personnel problems.
    • Organizational health.

  • Choose the course that you want to take and which will expand your range of future professional prospects – 10 ECTS

  • External Acedimic Intenships - 6 ECTS

  • Master’s Thesis – 6 ECTS


Minors are elective courses that enable you to personalize your Master and build a study program tht has the scope for new disciplines aligned with your profesional interest and goals. They act as real communication links that enable you to explore other areas of knowledge and connect them to yours. Minors multiply your opportunities for networking and expand your professional horizons. The range of Minors on offer varies depending on the intake and campus.

Choose between:

  • Application of AI in Business
  • Stategy and Data Analytics
  • Fintech: Technology for Finance
  • Marketing automation and marketing intelligence
  • Neuromarketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales management Innovation
  • Sustainability: Strategies and Opportunities
  • Scalling Up: Strategies for business growth management
  • Project management techniques
  • Corporate Wellbeing: Leading Wellbeing Strategies
  • Business Agility
  • Leadership: Team development techniques


Explore new areas of knowledge and boost your employability by acquiring the competencies in the highest demand.

3 Territories to conquer

1. Planning

Design a strategy aligned with the company’s goals to anticipate future movements in the area of HR

2. People Management

Develop the talent, executive skills and competences required to lead and drive the changes needed in an organization.

3. Strategic Management

Lead the different HR functions, including recruitment and selection, talent management, workforce planning, labour relations and staff administration

Professional prospects and entry profile

  • What you study here and now will have an impact on your career tomorrow. Start imagining your future and take a look at some of the professional prospects that await you.

    • Human Resources Director
    • Motivation and Engagement Programme Manager
    • Head of Employer Branding
    • Head of Learning and Development
    • Headhunter
    • Leadership Director
  • The Master in Human Resources and Talent Management is open to students with a very diverse range of access profiles, including graduates with a Bachelor Degree in the field of social sciences, technical qualifications, or humanities with a broad selection of specializations.

    However, the Master is primarily designed for university graduates with the following qualifications, which constitute the recommended entry profile:

    • Bachelor Degree in Economic and Business Sciences
    • University Diploma in Business Sciences.
    • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management.
    • Bachelor Degree in Economics.
    • Bachelor Degree in Work Sciences and Human Resources
    • Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Teaching or Sociology.
    • Bachelor Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources.
    • Postgraduate students who have completed official Master programs that include the fundamental aspects of these qualifications.

    Specific admission criteria

    Students who have any of the qualifications that constitute the recommended entry profile will have direct access to this Master, without needing to complete any supplementary training courses.

    Students who wish to access the Master who have a qualification other than those specified above or who have not completed an official Master program that includes the fundamental knowledge covered by these qualification programs must complete supplementary training courses to develop their knowledge bases to the required level with respect to the basic areas of Human Resources and Talent Management. These supplementary training courses are compulsory and will be run before the start of the first semester of the Master, specifically, between the last week of August and the mid-October.

    In the case of students who have proven experience in the field of Business Management or Human Resources Management, it will be examined whether this experience justifies exemption from the supplementary training courses based on the position held and the duration of this professional experience.

    Professional experience must be accredited by a document issued, signed and stamped by the organization for which the student wants to accredit this experience. This document must specify the management duties performed in middle and senior management positions, as indicated above.


The professors of the Master in Human Resources & Talent Development at EAE Madrid combine a high-level professional background, occupying relevant positions within organizations, with academic excellence by having doctorates.

Cristina Pérez

Cristina Pérez Pérez

PhD in Business Organization in the Social and Legal Sciences Doctoral School of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Teacher specialized in Strategic Management HR and Business Games.

Andrea Pérez

Andrea Pérez Pérez

Degree in advertisign and public relations and expert in protocol. Entrepreneur in the textile sector with extensive experience in start-ups and social networks.

Antonio Montero

Antonio Montero Navarro

Doctor in Business Organization in the Social and Legal Sciences Doctoral Program of the International Doctoral School of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Professor specialized in Strategic Management. 

Rafael Nebreda

Rafael Nebreda

Graduated in Business Administration and management from the UAM and Foresty Engineer from the UPM. With more than 15 years of experience, he has developed his professional career in the environmental and retail sector.

Ángel Andreu Escario

Ángel Andreu Escario

CEO at A2A Solutions. + 30 years in management positions in different public companies (general deputy director of the National Institute of Industry). PhD in Industral Engineering, with MIB postgraduate degrees from EOI and INSEAD.

Foto Esther González Arnedo

Esther González

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources management positions. 

Foto Rocío Gallego Losada

Rocío Gallego Losada

PhD in Economics and Business Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. Extensive teaching and research experience carrying out various stays as a visiting professor in Nevada (USA), Nanchang (China), Krems (Austria), Nice (France), Coimbra (Portugal), Osnabrük (Germany), Helsinki (Finland) and Clermont (France).

miguel blanco

Miguel Blanco Callejo

Doctor in Business Organization in the Social and Legal Sciences Doctoral Program of the International Doctoral School of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Business consultant and teacher of Strategic Management.

Miguel Ángel García

Miguel Ángel García

Assets and financial markets professional: variable income, valuation and analysis of companies, fixed income, investment funds, ETFs, currencier, currently director of analysis of Researchfy (stock markets analysis company), financial consultant to raise capital and subsequent IPO of a construction company and teacher at business schools.

rafael valentin

Rafael Valentín

Graduated in Law and Politics, lawyer and teacher of Professional Deontology and Equality.

Alexia de la Morena

Alexia de la Morena

CEO Neuromarketing Expert in Neuromarketing and Digital Behavior, Strategic, Sensory and Experential Marketing. Degree in Psychology (UNED) and in Journalism (Complutense University of Madrid), EXMBA master from the Instituto de Empresa.

Bethlem Boronath

Bethlem Boronath

Graduate and PhD in Journalism, Specialized in the design of customized creative work methodologies and creativity training aimed especially at innovation, communication and marketing sectors.

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