Futuro de moda y belleza

Inspiring Future:

Fashion and beauty companies are looking for innovative professionals who can make a mark.
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    23 de marzo

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What does the future hold for marketing in the fashion and beauty sector?

Behind the luxury and glamor that surrounds the fashion and beauty sector, there is a whole network of professionals who contribute to making this one of the capital industries of the world economy. And we are not only talking about designers, models, makeup artists or photographers, but also marketing and communication experts (among others) who look after all aspects of a product and who make it easier for a designer or a company to make a difference in a hyper-competitive market.

In addition, in the current changing environment where environmental, energy and economic uncertainty prevails, the fashion and beauty sector must quickly adapt and innovate to integrate technology into all its processes and sustainability as their axis, with the objective to guarantee the experience that the user is demanding. This has become an essential issue for its growth, both in digital and virtual environments and in physical spaces.

On the other hand, social networks and influencers are today a very powerful source of content creation and trends. That is why brands are betting, more and more, on carrying out campaigns in these media and with this type of profile.

In short, the future of marketing in this field depends on having well-prepared professionals to manage constant changes, innovate, introduce and use new technologies and leave their mark on the consumer. And, for this, specialization and a global vision of the processes and needs of this industry are essential.

To talk about all these challenges regarding the future of marketing in fashion and beauty, at EAE Business School Madrid we are pleased to bring together six speakers, leaders within the industry and collaborators of our Master in Marketing Management in Fashion and Beauty, in a round table, next Thursday, March 23 at 7:00 p.m.

Will you join the conversation?


¿Qué cuestiones se tratarán en esta mesa redonda?

A lo largo de 45 minutos, nuestros ponentes conversarán acerca de:

  • Las salidas profesionales que existen en el ámbito del marketing dentro de la industria de la moda y la belleza
  • Las nuevas tendencias del sector y cómo se están gestionando a nivel comercial
  • Las nuevas tecnologías aplicadas al marketing dentro del sector
  • La forma de conseguir un perfil trasversal que sea capaz de trabajar en marcas de diferentes campos
  • Cómo estar preparados para retos y desafíos que todavía no existen
  • Cómo ser un perfil que enseña y aprende al mismo tiempo en un entorno cambiante

Tras esta interesante charla, podrás plantear cualquier pregunta o duda que te surja.

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