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The architect Antonio Bernal from Construcia gives an overview of the "Lean2Cradle Methodology"

Yesterday, Monday 12th September, the architect Antonio Bernal, the Director of Studies and Design and the Construcía, gave a class entitled "Lean2Cradle Methodology: Construcia - The importance of data digitization in circular construction" within the framework of the Program Management and Project Portfolio course on the Master in Project Management.

Construcia is a pioneer in the field of circular construction, and its key goal is to drive forward a paradigm shift towards sustainable construction that is positive for the ecosystem and people’s health. To achieve this, its methodology is based on the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) design, which has shown them that the best way to be sustainable is to imitate nature, where the waste from one system becomes a nutrient for another. Nothing is wasted.

In the session, Antonio Bernal explained what is involved in the Lean2Cradle methodology created by the Construia Group, which blends the principles of the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) circular economy with the integrated resource and process optimization system, Lean Construction, as well as the data digitization required in circular construction, illustrated with examples of real cases.

The expert emphasized that "our digital tools enable us to achieve the traceability of raw materials, which lets us manage them as future banks of materials”.

The session ended with a round of questions and answers, giving the students the chance to clear up any doubts in relation to the methodology applied by Construcía, and increasing their awareness of the key role played by these companies in the field of sustainability.







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