MBA Retail Executive
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MBA Retail Executive

“Many of the professions with the brightest prospects for the future are in the retail industry”

Laureano Turienzo
Director of the MBA Retail Executive

  • Part Time
  • 60 ECTS
  • Young Professional
  • April 2023
  • 12 months


Nowadays, retail is one of the areas undergoing the greatest transformation due to the emergence of new technologies. The future will be defined by a paradigm shift in the role of consumers and, therefore, in shopping processes.

This underpins the huge importance of the MBA in Retail, the first program of its type in Europe, designed to equip you to become part of the cutting edge of executives in the sector of the future. This specialized program is aimed at professionals with experience in the retail sphere who want to take the next step forward in their professional career and strive to become senior executives in companies in the sector.

The program has a disruptive, functional, pragmatic and innovative approach, with senior executives of leading companies sharing their knowledge and insights of the latest trends and innovation, which you will then apply to the everyday situations faced by real companies.

Based on this approach, many participative sessions will be based on input from executives from leading companies in different sectors, who will share their 360º view of retail. Capitalize on the opportunity to expand your network of contacts and build new professional relationships.


Upon successful completion of your programme, you will be awarded the MBA Retail Executive degree by EAE Business School.


Reason to take this master

in EAE Business School
  1. Access to professionals: You will learn from the insights and experience of experts in the retail sector, as well as enhancing your ability to make decisions with the aid of practical examples and case studies.
  2. Retail sector: You will develop more in-depth knowledge of the market, companies and departments as a starting point for strategies in the different subsectors of retail.
  3. Networking: You will have the opportunity to meet expects and top-level executives in the world of retail, enabling you to absorb their knowledge and build professional relationships with them.
  4. Digital Transformation: This program will give you the competitive advantage that comes from in-depth knowledge of digital innovation digital adapted retail sector.
  5. EAE Entrepreneur: Our entrepreneurial students have access to EAE Lab, our business incubator that provides the learning resources, financing and guidance required to transform a good idea into a real business venture.
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  • Introduction to Retail, Strategy and CSR - 5 ECTS
  • Commercial Retail Management - 5 ECTS
  • Real Estate - Concept Store - Merchandising - 5 ECTS

  • Financial Planning and Investment Analysis - 5 ECTS
  • The Supply Chain in Retail - 5 ECTS

  • Customer Experience - 5 ECTS
  • Retail Marketing retail and Product Development and Planning - 5 ECTS

  • Digital Marketing, Technology and Digital Assets - 5 ECTS
  • Retail, E-Commerce, Omni-channel and Digital Optimization - 5 ECTS

  • Course the course that you want to take and which will expand your range of future professional prospects – 10 ECTS 

  • Master’s Thesis - 15 ECTS


Your competitive edge

At EAE Business School Madrid, as a school committed to innovation and transformation, we have created an optional specialisation, in online format, to be taken at the end of your Master's degree. 

This educational model offers you the opportunity to acquire new skills and an individualised qualification to differentiate yourself in the labour market by enhancing your professional profile. 

You will have the option to choose the Minor that best suits your needs. 

3 Territories to conquer

1. Global vision and innovation

Train in the essential areas of management, with a 360º vision of the different functional areas of the retail sector. Throughout the program, there will be a special emphasis on the digital transformation in which leading groups and brands are currently immersed, gaining up-to-date knowledge that will boost your professional development on completion of the program.

2. Importance of the consumer

Gain awareness of the importance of excellence in the customer journey, product/service, operations and intangible brand values that enable you to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

3. Global Strategies

Acquire a strategic perspective of value creation through excellence that will enable you to generate, capitalize on and develop innovative ideas as business opportunities in the retail sector.


Laureano Turienzo

Laureano Turienzo

President of the Spanish Retail Association.

Carmen Salamero

Carmen Salamero

LVMH Group Human Resources Director.

Ignacio Acha

Ignacio Acha

Director of Operations and Head of Leasing RETAILCO (Santander Group).

Amaia Álvarez

Amaia Alvarez

Country Manager, SAMY Alliance.


Juan Garicano

Country Manager, PROJECT X PARIS.

Stephane Pitoy

Stephane Pitoy

Director e-Commerce BU, GXO Logistics.

Masterclass with Key Speakers

Learn through the vision and experience of a panel of CEOs, senior executives and personalities from the world of retail.

  • Carlos Cocheteux - Sales Manager IKEA
  • Jaime Pfretzschner - General Manager Phone House
  • Enrique Mazon - Director Salesforce
  • Eduardo Pisa - Director Alibaba
  • Andrés Bestseller - CEO Bestseller
  • Javier Arrevola - CEO Casa del Libro
  • Alfonso Manzanares - Customer Store Expert
  • Antonio Arribas - Services Director Media Markt
  • Eva Ivars - CEO Alain Afflelou
  • Fran Ares - CEO Glocally
  • Marcos Ruao - CEO ISKAPET
  • Robert Schuldt - CEO GRUPO EFE (PERU)
  • José Loiza - Director Omnichanel Grupo Éxito (COLOMBIA)
  • José Luis Carceller - CEO KIABI
  • Merce Serrá - CAIXABANK Marketing Director
  • Alberto Arevalo - CEO Beonit

Professional prospects and entry profile

  • What you study here and now will have an impact on your career tomorrow. Start imagining your future and take a look at some of the professional prospects that await you.

    • General Retail Manager
    • Omnichannel Manager
    • Retail Services Manager
    • Retail Industry Project Manager
    • Head of a Retail Business Unit
    • Department Store Channel Manager
    • Retail Expansion Manager
    • Department Store Manager
  • To be a student on EAE’s MBA in Sustainability Management, it is crucial that you have a proactive, brave, adventurous spirit and a desire to change things.

    The Master is designed for professionals with studies or a professional background in:

    • Economic and Business Sciences
    • Business Administration and Management
    • Marketing
    • Trade
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