Ayudas y Becas

Grants and Financial Support

Financial Support

At EAE Business School Madrid, we offer financial support to all the candidates on EAE programs.  

    • At EAE Business School, we accompany our students and strive to ensure that they enjoy and make the most of their EAE Experience. With this in mind, we offer them discounts especially adapted to their needs, to help them achieve all their goals and grow professionally. Discounts adapted to your needs. 

    • Discount for payment method: 7% additional discount for full payment upfront. 


    • Interest-free financing for 10 to 14 months depending on the program and study mode. 


At EAE, we know that talented students inspire us and act as a driving force behind the progress of our community. EAE grants reward their efforts on their journey towards excellence, reinforcing our commitment to equality and social justice by expanding the opportunities available for accessing our educational programs. 


Types of grant

(The student is reimbursed at least 50% of the enrolment fees).

Achieving excellence in your studies requires a large dose of energy and perseverance. We like to think that we can offer an extra motivation for students who are working at the highest level. The Academic Excellence grant is awarded to candidates who have displayed extraordinary performance during their studies.

(The student is reimbursed at least 50% of the enrolment fees).

We strive to increase the presence of women in executive positions and promote gender equality. Therefore, we want to reward their efforts with this grant, which takes their academic report into consideration, but also their executive potential, leadership capacity and professional background.

(The student is reimbursed at least 50% of the enrolment fees).

Launching an entrepreneurial venture is an exciting journey that requires preparation, the capacity for sacrifice and creativity. We aim to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and great business ideas with a grant awarded to directors of SMEs, self-employed professionals and people with their own business project.

(The student is reimbursed at least 50% of the enrolment fees).

Aimed at students with Functional Diversity, Specific Educational Support Needs or a situation of socio-educational vulnerability, and whose previous academic records demonstrate notable effort and dedication.

(Fully covers all training-related expenses during their attendance on international programs).

In the global world in which we now live, it is important to discover new cultures that enable us to enhance our competencies. With this in mind, we offer a grant to students whose program includes an international mobility option on its syllabus (programs that offer students an optional residential program abroad). This grant covers the cost of enrolling at the destination university.


Grant applications should be submitted in the last quarter of the year, when all the student applications are collected for each of the grants. 

After the deadline for submitting applications, the different panels will evaluate and assess the  documentation received in order to obtain a ranking of the applicants and identify the successful candidate. 

The grants generally consist of the reimbursement of at least half of the enrolment fees paid by the successful candidates. In the event that the student awarded a grant has opted to pay their enrolment fees in monthly instalments, these instalments will be reduced, either in terms of the monthly amount or the total number of instalments, so that the total amount paid is equivalent to half the enrolment fees originally due.