True Potential Experience

At EAE Madrid, we know that are all born with something. Something that, if you discover and nurture it in time, can make all the difference in your professional career.

But not everybody is lucky enough to discover what their something is

With this in mind, EAE Madrid offers you the True Potential Experience: a journey that combines our MBAs, Masters and Bachelor Degrees with a Personalized Professional Development Plan:

With True Potential Experience, we want to give you more than just a top-quality education. We want to give you the opportunity to discover your true potential and make it a reality.

Choose to achieve your goals

From the moment you enrol at EAE Madrid, your True Potential Experience begins. Over the course of this process, you will discover your something and how to tap into it. In other words, this is a journey on which you will discover both your true potential and the path that will enable you to take this potential to the maximum level. 

Whether you are building your professional career as an expert in the business sector or making your way as an entrepreneur, we will accompany you on this journey.

True Potential Career
Discovering potential
Launching potential
Launching potential
Improving potential
mapa con alfileres
Releasing Potential
Árboles creciendo
True Entrepreneurial Potential
Discovering potential
Farolillo al cielo
Cooking potential
Cooking potential
Diving potential
Diving potential
Pitching potential
Pitching Potential

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You are about to embark on a new stage that will shape your future and Madrid is the perfect setting to embrace this experience. At EAE Madrid, our students are nourished by all the opportunities that come from studying in one of the great cities of Europe that attracts all the leading companies.

As the country’s business centre and one of the leading training hubs, Madrid leads the way at the forefront of all aspects of digital transformationsustainability and entrepreneurship. According to the latest statistics, in 2022, 20,935 new companies were created in the capital, equivalent to 23.1% of the total in Spain.

Come and enjoy your True Potential Experience. Enjoying where you are involves combining classes, lectures, gastronomy, events, networking, culture, workshops, challenges, leisure, team projects, company meetings, Alumni Talks and much more.

Are you ready?

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Discover your something.

Find your way.

Enjoy where you are.

EAE Business School Madrid.

Where True Potential Comes True