Master en Dirección de Marketing
Marketing & Digital Transformation

Master in Marketing Management

  • Executive
  • Weekend - Spanish
  • 60 ECTS
  • Oct. 2024 - 12 months
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This master's degree is taught in SPANISH

There is an increasing number of consumers who, beyond simply focusing on the product or service, are looking for honest and transparent companies and brands committed to the environment and social causes. Therefore, companies need communication and marketing professionals with specialist knowledge to tackle these new challenges.

Giving you a 360º perspective, the Master in Marketing Management of EAE Business School Madrid equips you to lead and drive forward new marketing strategies to capitalize on opportunities in global markets.

The program will enable you to steer new internationalization processes and oversee the digital transformation of the company, turning you into a professional with strategic and operational vision.

Moreover, this program includes a module that gives you in-depth insight into yourself, identifying your strengths as a professional and enhancing your leadership capacity and the soft skills that companies demand.


On successful completion of your program, you will receive a double qualification: the Master in Marketing Management from EAE Business School and the Master in Marketing Management by the Universidad Internacional de la Empresa (UNIE).

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Reasons to take this master

in EAE Business School
  1. Agile & Design Thinking: The methodologies taught on this Master will help you develop the creativity and innovation in the company, enhancing the flexibility and agility of processes.
  2. Next Level Marketing: The program is designed by professionals in the sector, whom you will work alongside on a daily basis, enabling you to take the leap from professional to expert, becoming a leader who transform, inspires and generates a tangible impact.
  3. Global vision: a program designed to give you a 360º vision that enables you to innovate and lead a consumer-centric marketing strategy.
  4. Business School: Studying at EAE Madrid always gives you a double competitive advantage. You acquire all the skills and knowledge required to lead marketing teams, as well as the benefitting from the expertise that characterizes a business school, from the global networking opportunities and soft skills development right through to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  5. Digital Marketing: The digital concept is an integral part of Marketing, so you will learn to have a data-driven approach to decision-making, as well as gaining a command of measuring and monitoring tools, to obtain a full, well-rounded profile.
  6. True Potential Experience: Enjoy an experience that combines the Master in Marketing Management with a Personalized Professional Development Plan, guided by a True Potential Advisor, who will help you find, focus and develop your true potential.
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Liquid Organizations, Open Innovation and New Businesses in the Digital Age - 6 ECTS

  • Organizational complexity and the organization as a complex adaptive system.
  • Digital transformation, an additional aspect of organizational complexity.
  • Key concepts of digital transformation.
  • Liquid organizations. Definition and understanding.
  • The dimensions of liquid organizations.
  • New methodologies for managing the strategic portfolio.
  • The open innovation culture, a key factor in adaptability and change management.
  • The Marketing Director tackling the challenge of digital transformation.
  • Key factors in new business management in a liquid world.
  • Business ecosystem. Definition, models, management models. Success stories.
  • Types of digital company and business. New business models in advanced competitive environments with a high digital component.
  • Open innovation. Concept, models, tools, success stories and case studies.

UX Research and Design Thinking, Key Factors for Understanding the New Consumer Mindset - 6 ECTS

  • Development of basic creative skills: Connections, associations, inspirations and developing lateral thinking.
  • Design Thinking. Understanding and empathizing with the customer. Techniques, tools and concepts related to design research.
  • Design Thinking II. Ideating solutions. Techniques and tools for developing creative and disruptive thinking.
  • Design Thinking III. Prototyping and testing. Techniques and tools for creating prototypes, testing solutions, detecting problems and iterating for developing continual improvement.
  • Human-centred product and service design and implementation of the result.
  • UX/UI as ways of improving emotional relations with the customer in digital products.
  • Customer Experience (CX) creating unique and impactful moments that consolidate our relationships with the audiences.
  • The challenge and environment of Sustainable Development.
  • Sector analysis and circular, sustainable trends.
  • Sustainable business models and green entrepreneurship.
  • Circular production management for achieving sustainability.

Market research and Sales Forecasting - 6 ECTS

  • Introduction to research.
  • Research phases.
  • Information sources.
  • Types of research.
  • Quantitative research.
  • Qualitative research.

Product Development and Pricing Strategies - 6 ECTS

  • Internationalization, brand value and disruptive innovation.
  • Individual product decisions.
  • Smart pricing.
  • Shopper marketing.
  • Innovation marketing.

Omnichannel: A New Paradigm in Distribution and Communication Strategy - 6 ECTS

  • Origin and reasons for distribution models. Agents in the system and trade marketing.
  • Distribution and the different agents involved. Evolution of commercial distribution in different sectors.
  • Channel and omnichannel design.
  • Point-of-sale analysis. Operational and logistical channels. Masters of retail. Analysis of the main architects of modern retail through their key lessons.
  • Communication as a marketing variable. Models for understanding communication. Knowledge models for understanding the phenomenon.
  • Advertising and media models. Function, relevance and type. How they fit into the communication value system.
  • Mass media (above the line) and personalized media (below the line).
  • Media planning. On-off line coordination: Integrated marketing communications (IMC)

CRM. Integral Customer Management - 6 ECTS

  • New marketing: The CRM concept.
  • From Product Marketing to Customer Marketing.
  • New functions, models and approaches in commercial organizations.
  • Diagnostics: Analysis of the company’s situation in its market.
  • CRM and its development in the organization.
  • Customer service quality.
  • Client management.
  • Defining who our customers are: First strategic step.
  • The importance of information. Knowing our customers.
  • Portfolio analysis and structuring.
  • Position and image in the “internal market”: Portfolio.
  • Internal segmentation.
  • The universal matrix: Basic model of internal segmentation.
  • The concept of customer value and internal growth strategy.
  • Levels of strategic action in the customer portfolio.
  • Internal growth strategy.
  • Reflections on loyalty strategies.
  • Unsatisfied Customer Management (detection and recovery).
  • Error Management.
  • Expanded Customer Journey.
  • The value of satisfied customers.

Digital Marketing: Strategy, Platforms and Performance - 6 ECTS

  • Global approach to the digital commercialization ecosystem.
  • Strategic campaign design. 360º vision.
  • Metrics.
  • UX.
  • Digital tools: SEO, SEM, Affiliation, Display, etc.

Soft Skills: Leadership, Negotiation and Management Control for Marketing Executives - 6 ECTS

  • Introduction. Leadership in the current context: The VUCA world.
  • Self-knowledge.
  • Leadership styles: The new Marketing Officer, the leader coach and the development of emotional intelligence.
  • Creation and management of high-performing teams.
  • Effective communication and conflict management.
  • The power of negotiation.
  • Limits of a negotiation. Distributive and integrative negotiation strategies: The Kremlin negotiation model vs. the Harvard negotiation model.
  • The most complex negotiations.

  • Choose the course that you want to take and which will expand your range of future professional prospects - 6 ECTS


  • Master's Thesis - 12 ECTS


Minors are elective courses that enable you to personalize your Master and build a study program tht has the scope for new disciplines aligned with your profesional interest and goals. They act as real communication links that enable you to explore other areas of knowledge and connect them to yours. Minors multiply your opportunities for networking and expand your professional horizons. The range of Minors on offer varies depending on the intake and campus.

Choose between:

  • Application of AI in Business
  • Stategy and Data Analytics
  • Fintech: Technology for Finance
  • Marketing automation and marketing intelligence
  • Neuromarketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales management Innovation
  • Sustainability: Strategies and Opportunities
  • Scalling Up: Strategies for business growth management
  • Project management techniques
  • Corporate Wellbeing: Leading Wellbeing Strategies
  • Business Agility
  • Leadership: Team development techniques


Explore new areas of knowledge and boost your employability by acquiring the competencies in the highest demand.

3 Territories to conquer

1. Strategic vision

Gain an in-depth understanding of information sources, as well as identifying the opportunities presented by the market with respect to strategies for achieving an organization’s goals.

2. Team leadership

Become a team leader in a global setting, becoming the perfect addition to the marketing department of an organization.

3. Market trends

Identify new business opportunities, weighing the benefit up against the risk using your knowledge of key factors such as digital transformation, and leading the change towards new management systems in the organization.


Eduardo Correa

Eduardo Correa

Managing Partner of Ephemeral Life, Consulting and Business Management. 

Degree in Business Management and Marketing, Graduate in Marketing and Executive MBA from ESIC Business & Marketing School. Master in Communication and New Technologies Management from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. PhD in information Science from UCM.

Susana Cabada

Susana Cabada

Director of Digital Business and Multichannel at Liberbank.

Ángel del Castillo

Ángel del Castillo

D. in Business Management from the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Lisardo de Pedro

Lisardo de Pedro

Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Humershide, Master in Commercual Management and Marketing (GESCO) from ESIC and Rey Juan Carlos University, Master in Financial Management (MDF) from ESIC, Bachelor in Commercial Management and Marketing from ESIC, and PhD in Legal and Social Sciences.

Cesar Moreno

César Moreno

Independient business consultant.

Ángel Andreu Escario

Ángel Andreu

Board director Grupo INHISA CEO, A2A Solutions.

Mencía de Garcillán

Mencía de Garcillán

Marketing Director of Laboratorios Esseka, S.L.

Professional prospects and entry profile

  • What you study here and now will have an impact on your career tomorrow. Start imagining your future and take a look at some of the professional prospects that await you.

    • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    • Director of Marketing
    • Brand Manager
    • Category Manager
    • Commercial Director
    • Key Account Manager
  • For access to the Master's Degree in Marketing Management, candidates must hold a Bachelor's Degree, Diploma or Degree in the area of:

    • Business Administration and Management, 
    • Marketing,
    • Law. 

    Or they must have extensive experience in the field of the degree.

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