Global Máster en Comunicación Corporativa & Digital
Marketing & Digital Transformation

Global Master in Corporate & Digital Communication

  • Hybrid Learning
  • 60 ECTS
  • Professional
  • Apr. 2023
  • 12 months
  • Spanish
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This master's degree is taught in SPANISH

The world of communication is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same, but it is all more exciting than ever, with new realities that drive the adaptation of new functions, process innovations and a new digital dimension that has revolutionized the way in which companies interact with their markets and target audiences.

However, the fact that organizations need to remain in contact with their different audiences has not changed. It is the way that these organizations  interact with their stakeholders that has evolved, embracing the new channels and formats generated by digitization.

With this in mind, the Global Master in Corporate & Digital Communication of EAE Business School Madrid is a program designed to cater for this extensive demand and take a 360º perspective of all aspects related to communication.

The program equips you to develop with a great analytical capacity, sound knowledge of corporate communication and key skills such as multifunctionality, flexibility, problem-solving and innovation.



On successful completion of your program, you will receive a double qualification: the Global Master in Corporate & Digital Communication from EAE Business School and the Global Master in Corporate & Digital Communication by the Universidad Internacional de la Empresa (UNIE)

Partner académico-Unie Universidad

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Reasons to take this master

in EAE Business School
  1. Command of the digital world: Discover and capitalize on the impact of the digital world on corporate communication.
  2. A holistic program: Gain a global overview and lead communication with all the departments involved in the organization: public relations, corporate image, advertising, marketing, social media, CSR, digital, communication digital and institutional relations.
  3. Hybrid methodology: Our methodology enables you to balance your professional and personal lives. Flexibility and autonomy are the defining features of this new approach that will boost the development of your professional competencies. 
  4. Faculty linked to the corporate world: Our lecturers are professionals from the corporate world, whose extensive experience and insight will let you see the business world from many different perspectives.
  5. 360º Communication in Madrid: The program includes a two-week residential program in Madrid in which you will analyse key current topics with leading experts, workshops and other activities. This is the perfect opportunity to network professionally.
  6. True Potential Experience: Enjoy an experience that combines the Global Master in Corporate & Digital Communication with a Personalized Professional Development Plan, guided by a True Potential Advisor, who will help you find, focus and develop your true potential.


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Student Profile
National participants
3 years
Average professional experience



  • Communication Management - 5 ECTS 
    • Introduction to the conceptualization of Communication Management in the structure of organizations.
    • Basic Communication Management tools. Difference between publicity and advertising. Communication channels and new forms of advertising.
    • Differences between communication in the public and private sector. The figure of the spokesperson. 
    • Communication channels. The role of the traditional press compared to digital media and the new trendsetters. Monitoring and measurement tools. Media reach monitoring tools: ComScore, EGM, OJD. 
  • Institutional Relations and Public Relations - 5 ECTS 
    • Introduction to Public Relations.
    • Public Relations management.
    • The impact of Public Relations.
    • Practical application.
    • Institutional Relations. Participating agents. Lobbies as a pressure group.
    • Business protocol.
    • Ordering and placement techniques in protocol.
  • Digital Communication and Branding - 5 ECTS 
    • Foundations of digital communication.
    • The digital environment.
    • Online reputation.
    • Digital communication and reputation tools and resources.

  • Corporate Culture and Communication Skills - 5 ECTS 
    • Definition of the corporate culture.
    • Creating a corporate culture.
    • Corporate mission, vision and identity.
    • Values, rules and beliefs.
    • Team culture.
    • The importance of being able to communicate.
    • Planning an intervention: Deciding the message and structuring the contents.
    • Impact mechanisms: Making an intervention more memorable.
    • The use of language: Connecting with the audience.
    • Stage skills: Voice, body language, eye contact, stage dominance. The keys to persuasion.
  • Business Sustainability and Internal Communication - 5 ECTS 
    • Definition of internal communication as a theoretical foundation that gives insight into its function in the organization.
    • The importance of people in internal communication, as a bond for improving people’s commitment and engagement.
    • Internal communication instruments and channels for disseminating information and actively listening to boost credibility.
    • The internal communication plan, as a planning instrument for reinforcing the company culture.
    • The value of recognition as a tactic for meeting the expectations generated with the aim of improving the working atmosphere.
    • Managing rumours and misunderstandings as an individual and group antidote for reducing their harmful effects within an organization.
    • Internal communication in crisis situations as a tool to be used in the management of critical situations.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
    • ESG crises (Environmental, Social and Governance). 
    • The agents of business sustainability.
Module 3

  • Residential - 3 ECTS 
Module 4

  • Crisis Communication - 5 ECTS 
    • Introduction: The concept of crisis nowadays - the need to be prepared to anticipate.
    • Risk matrix and action protocols in response to a crisis situation.
    • Crisis management: Decision-making.
    • Brands and branding.
    • Brand structure.
    • Brand communication.
    • Brand content.
  • Marketing and Advertising. Media Relations Management - 5 ECTS 
    • Analytical marketing.
    • Strategic marketing.
    • Tactical marketing: From the 4 Ps to the 4 Cs (or SAVE model).
    • The marketing plan: Launch phases, budget, media plan, On & Off integration.
  • Events Organization and BTL Strategies - 5 ECTS 
    • Conceptualizing and planning an event. The conception of the event.
    • Individually developing a global event project.
    • Developing an integrated group event project applying all the knowledge acquired in the first two editions.
    • BTL strategies.
  • Communication Plan and Budget Management - 5 ECTS 
    • Foundations of the communication plan.
    • Communication plan objectives.
    • Communication plan resources.
    • Communication plan budget.
    • Communication plan agents.
Module 5

  • Choose the course that you want to take and which will expand your range of future professional prospects – 10 ECTS
Module 6

  • Master’s Thesis – 12 ECTS 


Your competitive edge

At EAE Business School Madrid, as a school committed to innovation and transformation, we have created an optional specialization program, in an online format, that you can take at the end of your Master.

This educational model gives you the opportunity to acquire new skills and an individualized qualification to set yourself apart in the labour market by enhancing your professional profile.

You will have the option to choose the Minor that best suits your needs.

3 Territories to conquer

1. Global vision and strategy

Interaction with the different areas of the company is fundamental. Therefore, the Communication Department has to lead with the strategic, holistic vision that you will acquire on the program.

2. Corporate image and culture

Build and strengthen the brand’s image and reputation, communicating the corporate culture within and outside the organization.

3. Communication and media

Gain in-depth knowledge of the key  communication tools in the digital sphere.


Carlos Crehueras

Carlos Crehueras

Director of the External Relations Area, responsible for institutional relations and corporate events at Grupo Planeta.

Laura Sabate

Laura Sabate

She heads the communications area of Nedgia, a natural gas distributor of the Naturgy group.

Aurora Pimentel

Aurora Pimentel

Founder of Ágora Gestión y Consultoría.

Sergi Álvarez

Sergi Álvarez

Marketing Manager of the Bookstores Division of Grupo Planeta.

Eva Díez

Eva Díez

Professor at EAE Business School.

Professional prospects and entry profile

  • What you study here and now will have an impact on your career tomorrow. Start imagining your future and take a look at some of the professional prospects that await you.

    • Director of Internal Communication
    • Director of Public Relations
    • Director of Communication and PR Agencies
    • Director of Press and Communication Offices
    • Director of Public Relations
    • Director of Product Communication in Companies
  • To access this Master, students must have a Bachelor Degree qualification or a Diploma in Architecture, Engineering, Technical Engineering or Technical Architecture, or a University Diploma prior to starting the studies.

    The Master is primarily designed for graduates with a Bachelor Degree or University Diploma in:

    • Economics and Business
    • Marketing
    • Advertising and Communication
    • Law and Humanities

    If you want to access the Master from another field of knowledge or without professional experience, you must complete a set of supplementary training courses in order to develop their knowledge bases required for the Master. These extra courses are compulsory and must be completed before the start of the Master program.

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