Máster en Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Supply Chain Management

Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics  

  • Full Time
  • 60 ECTS
  • Young Professional
  • Apr. 2023
  • 12 months
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This master's degree is taught in SPANISH

In the globalized, competitive and changing economic landscape in which companies now operate, they require greater control and productivity to be able to compete in such an environment. Controlling the flow of the information and material generated throughout the process from the supplier to the end customer, including the steps in production centres, logistics and points of sale, depends on effective Supply Chain Management, which has therefore become a key factor in making any product or service competitive.

With the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics of EAE Business School Madrid, you will be equipped to design, implement and maintain a strategic vision of the management of the whole area of Operations and, in particular, Logistics and comprehensive Supply Chain Management.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the world of Logistics, visiting company departments in order to see how it all works from the inside.


Taking this Master in EAE Business School is an assurance of success, as it is certified by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, giving this program the maximum guarantee of quality. The syllabus and teaching materials are designed so that, if you choose, you can successfully sit the Level 1 SCPro examination. Dare to take on this challenge and gain a valuable international accreditation.


On successful completion of your program, you will receive a double qualification: the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics  from EAE Business School and the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics by the Universidad Internacional de la Empresa (UNIE)

Partner académico-Unie Universidad

*Official degree recognized by the Ministry of Education of Colombia and SUNEDU.

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Reasons to take this master

in EAE Business School
  1. CSCMP quality assurance: EAE Business School Madrid is certified by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, giving this program the maximum guarantee of quality.
  2. Professional SCPro certification: The syllabus and teaching materials on the Master are designed to enable you to sit the SCPro Level 1 certificate successfully. Therefore, this program enables you to tackle this challenge effectively and gain a prestigious international accreditation.
  3. Experiential learning: You will have the chance to visit the Logistics departments of leading companies in the sector and gain a first-hand insight into how they work.
  4. Residential program in California: At the end of the tuition period, you have the option to train abroad on a two-week residential program (at an additional cost) at UC Berkeley, California. Train in an international setting and destination.


Best Master in Supply Chain Management in Spain

El Mundo Ranking 2022

Best Master in Supply Chain Management in Spain

QS Ranking 2022

Best business school in Spain

MERCO Talento 2022

Student Profile
International participants
4 years
Average professional experience


Module 1

  • Strategic Business Management and Marketing and Sales Management - 6 ECTS
  • Supply Chain Planning: Support Functions and Financial Management - 3 ECTS
Module 2

  • Supply Chain Planning Strategies by Sector - 3 ECTS
  • Trends and Benchmarking in Supply Chain: e-Commerce in Supply Chain Planning - 3 ECTS
  • Simulation Models for Supply Chain Planning - 3 ECTS
  • Sustainable Logistics and Operations Management Simulation - 3 ECTS
Module 3

  • Global Supply Chain Planning - 3 ECTS
  • Management and Technologies in Supply Chain Management - 3 ECTS
  • Supply Chain Basic Concepts, Planning and Design - 3 ECTS
  • Executive Development and People Management - 3 ECTS
Module 4

  • Challenges in Purchasing and Harvard Negotiation Techniques - 3 ECTS
  • Production Management - 3 ECTS
Module 5

  • Logistics and Storage Management. Order Fulfilment & CRM - 3 ECTS
  • Management of Transportation, Distribution and Shipping - 3 ECTS
Module 6

  • Choose the course that you want to take and which will expand your range of future professional prospects - 10 ECTS
Module 7

  • Internship - 6 ECTS 
Module 8

  • Master’s Thesis - 6 ECTS 


Your competitive edge

At EAE Business School Madrid, as a school committed to innovation and transformation, we have created an optional specialization program, in an online format, that you can take at the end of your Master.

This educational model gives you the opportunity to acquire new skills and an individualized qualification to set yourself apart in the labour market by enhancing your professional profile.

You will have the option to choose the Minor that best suits your needs.

3 Territories to conquer

1. Supply chain management

You will lead the supply chain by incorporating the latest advances in technology and business management methodology.

2. Leadership in Operations and Logistics

You will head an operations and logistics department embracing the latest innovations and developments in distribution, consumer and supplier networks, as well as effectively managing network and channel relations effectively

3. Executive Skills Development

You will incentivize the development of personal and executive skills to enhance efficiency in decision-making, as well as boosting your capacity to detect, analyse and resolve incidents.


Elena Bulmer

Elena Bulmer

Founder and president of Eco de la Tierra

Javier San Martín

Javier San Martín María

25 years’ experience working in Mass Market multinationals such as Carbonell, Koipe, Cuétara and Deoleo with an extensive background in the Supply Chain area.

Juan José Montiel

Juan José Montiel Sanz

Co-Founder & Consulting Director, Altius Consulting & Formación.


Luis Eugenio Carretero Díaz

Partner and Founder of C&C Business System Consultants.

Gour Saraff

Gour Saraff

Founder & Director at Solar Global Services.

Miguel Morales

Miguel Morales Moya

D. in Business Administration from the University of Zaragoza.

Professional prospects and entry profile

  • What you study here and now will have an impact on your career tomorrow. Start imagining your future and take a look at some of the professional prospects that await you.

    • Operations Director
    • Director of Logistics
    • Director of Distribution
    • Director of Import/Export
    • Purchasing Manager
    • Reverse Logistics Manager
    • Distribution Centre Manager
    • Logistics and Operations Consultant
    • Stock Control Manager
    • Supplier Negotiation Manager
    • Warehouse Manager


  • To access this Master, students must have a Bachelor Degree qualification or a Diploma in Architecture, Engineering, Technical Engineering or Technical Architecture, or a University Diploma prior to starting the studies.

    The Master is primarily designed for graduates with a Bachelor Degree or University Diploma in:

    • Engineering 
    • Economics
    • Business Administration and Management
    • Marketing, Advertising 
    • Trade


    If you want to access the Master from another field of knowledge or without professional experience, you must complete a set of supplementary training courses in order to develop their knowledge bases required for the Master. These extra courses are compulsory and must be completed before the start of the Master program.

Employment report
Students received new job offers after completing their Master (2021)
Students received new job offers after completing their Master (2021)
of our students had a Triple Jump Career Change (they have changed area, sector and even country) (2021)
of our students had a Triple Jump Career Change (they have changed area, sector and even country) (2021)
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