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Marketing & Digital Transformation

Master in Marketing Management in Fashion and Beauty

  • Young Professional
  • Full Time - Spanish
  • 60 ECTS
  • Oct. 2024 - 10 months
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This master's degree is taught in SPANISH

The appearance of new more demanding consumers, digitization, new technologies and the shift towards sustainability are driving companies and brands to find effective business solutions.

In response to the current, changeable landscape, the Master in Marketing Management in Fashion and Beauty of EAE Business School Madrid is designed to give a strategic perspective of the dynamic opportunities offered by the fashion and beauty industry.

Throughout the program, with a practical, creative and innovative approach, students gain in-depth insight into the structure of the sector and its key players, learning to identify a competitive advantage to prepare and implement the marketing plan, adapting it to the individual needs of the different businesses.

Within this context, it is a challenge to remain competitive and, therefore, you will learn from experts who live these situations first-hand on a daily basis in their companies, searching for constant solutions for real cases.


On successful completion of your program, you will receive a qualification: the Master in Marketing Management in Fashion and Beauty from EAE Business School.

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Reasons to take this master

in EAE Business School
  1. Tools for the digital world:  On a daily basis, you will work alongside our faculty to gain a command of tools such as CRM and the technological software for running campaigns mailing, as well as programming, e-commerce creation, marketplaces, etc., learning all the key factors to make your business a success.
  2. Global overview of the world of fashion and beauty:  You will gain in-depth understanding of the key factors in business and the main international challenges through insight into the different sectors that make up the world of fashion; cosmetics, leisure and services.
  3. Omnichannel:  You will develop in-depth knowledge of omnichannel sales strategies: online, physical store, social media.
  4. "Meta Certified Associate" certification: EAE Madrid's Master in Fashion and Beauty Marketing Management is the only one in the market whose faculty includes two professionals who work at Meta and, thanks to this, you will be able to obtain the “Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate” certification.
  5. Business networking:  With EAE Madrid, you will have the opportunity to expand your network of contacts. Throughout the day, you will be in contact with expert professionals and your classmates, as well as meeting executives from leading companies such as L’Oréal, LVMH, Tous, Gucci and Suarez, among many others.
  6. True Potential Experience: Enjoy an experience that combines the Master in Marketing Management in Fashion and Beauty with a Personalized Professional Development Plan, guided by a True Potential Advisor, who will help you find, focus and develop your true potential.
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The Fashion and Beauty Market. Current Trends and CSR - 6 ECTS

  • The origin of signature fashion and the golden age of haute couture.
  • The prêt-à-porter revolution, the boom of the eighties and nineties. Phenomena that have revolutionized the fashion system from the end of the 20th century through to today.
  • Drafting a project on a particular fashion period, figure or trend or a social phenomenon related to fashion.
  • Fashion trends in the social, economic and cultural context of the time.
  • Fashion concept and detection.
  • Analysis of fashion cycles.
  • The Beauty industry. The figure of the beauty journalist. A brief history of beauty. Who’s who in the beauty sector. From the magazine to the blog. From the blog to the podcast.
  • The Perfume universe. The visual image vs the olfactory image. A brief history of perfume. Perfume industry statistics. Olfactory pyramid. Iconic perfumes. The role of the perfumer.
  • Beauty trends. Sustainability. Niche cosmetics. Aesthetic medicine. Metaverse.
  • Sustainable leadership.
  • The regulatory and financial framework for a sustainable business.
  • The key levers of the sustainable transformation: science purpose and ambition.
  • Examples of circular economy in fashion and beauty.
  • Creating a cross-cutting children’s project based on universal values.

Technology and Innovation in Fashion and Luxury - 6 ECTS

  • Introduction: Technology ecosystem in the fashion and beauty sector.
  • Biology coexisting with society: Bodies, society and sustainability, the new health concept.
  • Metamorphosis: Trend analysis. Fashion and beauty brand identity. Challenges.
  • Silver economy: Age or longevity management.
  • The age of care: Company practices: Externally, Communication (Consumer), Internally, organizational (Employers), Big and new fashion players.
  • Cross-cutting digital transformation of the industry: How is technology transforming the product, channel and customer service/experience?
  • Agility as the key to success in the new paradigm. A matter of mindset
  • Technology and innovation: In the Fashion, Perfume, Skin Cosmetic, Medicine and Pharmaceutical industries. The femtech boom.
  • Artificial intelligence and augmented reality as fashion marketing strategies.
  • Technology for enhancing the customer experience: Customer experience wow factor, creating a frictionless experience. Phygital manifesto.
  • Technology and employment.

Fashion and Beauty Consumers: New Generations and Experience in the Digital Age - 6 ECTS

  • Companies in the physical and digital setting.
  • New communication and marketing tools for generating business.
  • The company vision and strategic pillars.
  • The 6 pillars of excellence in a company.
  • Touch & See.
  • The Metaverse and its technologies.
  • Virtual world.
  • Blockchain is here: NFTs and Web3.
  • Food & Thought.
  • Immersive technologies: Extended Reality.
  • Brand Contents. From Branded Content to Content Marketing, from Digital to the Store. What are they and how can we capitalize on them fully?
  • What are brand contents? What role do they play in fashion?
  • Drafting a content strategy.

Brand Architecture and Reputation - 6 ECTS

  • Media relations.
  • Leadership and its context.
  • Internal communication in companies. Susana Arribas.
  • Lifestyle event planning, production and evaluation.
  • The big business of solidarity in fashion.
  • Communication and beauty and health.

Experiential Marketing and Visual Merchandising - 6 ECTS

  • Retail sector and trends: Brand construction, communication, creative strategy. Sources of inspiration and innovation in creativity. The importance of digitization and new formulas applied to fashion brand communication. Customer experience.
  • Introduction to Retail Management: Retail trade, Luxury, physical stores, consumers merchandising.
  • The revolution in the digital and phygital experience. Technology in fashion. Customer-centric approach, customer experience (CX) and customer service.
  • The history of store window dressing and visual merchandising.
  • Introduction to fashion events. Publication events in their different formats.

Product development. Excellence in Fashion and Luxury - 6 ECTS

  • Excellence in Fashion and Luxury: Marketing definition and luxury codes, identity management in the new VUCA environment, trend analysis, luxury brand identity and positioning.
  • Management models: Innovation in relation to organization, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. Cultural fashion management models. Fashion company departments and their functions. Market research with focus groups.
  • Customer and UX: The customer as value creation, communication and interaction with the customer, communication and marketing campaigns in the luxury world, neuromarketing, marketing campaigns. Creativity vs. Business.
  • Product development: Brief and budget for omnichannel plan definition, brand positioning, product development innovation and creativity, promotional and cross-channel activation.

Fashion and Beauty Marketing Plan: Omnichannel, Pricing, Product and Distribution - 6 ECTS

  • Omnichannel strategy: Introduction Omnichannel selling, Difference between Multichannel and Omnichannel, Distribution and communication channels, Omnichannel customer journey.
  • Distribution: Main distribution models, incoterms, intermediaries, the future of distribution (own retail models).
  • Product: Product strategy and positioning, segmentation and competition in the Fashion and Beauty sector, creating a collection, supplier management, profit and loss statement, positioning, etc.
  • Price and positioning definition and strategy according to channel and sector, theories, pricing vs. COGS and retail markup.
  • Omnichannel Marketing: Paradigm shift in premium/luxury retail, Omnichannel situation in luxury retail in 2023 internationally and in Spain. Challenges for premium/luxury brands in the consumer experience. Launching a new product line. Partnership experiences. Product briefing.

Digital Marketing and Communication Tools: The Role of New Technologies, KPIs and Metrics - 6 ECTS

  • Digital ecosystem: Smart objectives and the importance of the ROI. The Customer Journey. Sales funnel: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion.
  • Digital analytics: Main KPIs in relation to Audience, Acquisition and Behaviour, Conversions and Attribution. Tools: Google Analytics
  • CRM: Main KPIs in relation to Loyalty and Retention
  • Budgets: NLP, Financial metrics applied to Digital Marketing.
  • Analysis of digital campaigns.
  • Big Data Marketing
  • E-Commerce.

  • Choose the course that you want to take and which will expand your range of future professional prospects - 6 ECTS

  • Master’s Thesis - 15 ECTS


Minors are elective courses that enable you to personalize your Master and build a study program tht has the scope for new disciplines aligned with your profesional interest and goals. They act as real communication links that enable you to explore other areas of knowledge and connect them to yours. Minors multiply your opportunities for networking and expand your professional horizons. The range of Minors on offer varies depending on the intake and campus.

Choose between:

  • Application of AI in Business
  • Stategy and Data Analytics
  • Fintech: Technology for Finance
  • Marketing automation and marketing intelligence
  • Neuromarketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales management Innovation
  • Sustainability: Strategies and Opportunities
  • Scalling Up: Strategies for business growth management
  • Project management techniques
  • Corporate Wellbeing: Leading Wellbeing Strategies
  • Business Agility
  • Leadership: Team development techniques


Explore new areas of knowledge and boost your employability by acquiring the competencies in the highest demand.

3 Territories to conquer

1. Professional reality

Develop the creative capacity and critical analysis skills for making innovative decisions, promoting discussion in relation to brand management within the fashion and beauty sector.

2. Fashion and beauty industry

Understanding the key factors for efficient brand management in the fashion and beauty sector.

3. Phygital age

Emergence of a new age in which the physical and digital aspects are more united than ever before, which the professional profiles of the future have to take into account as a fundamental part of business within the sector.


Gadea Maier

Gadea Maier

Director of Marketing and Communication Iberia of IWC Schaffhausen.

Product development. Excellence in fashion and luxury.

Magali Yus de la Fuente.jpg

Magali Yus

Director of External and Institutional Relations of El Corte Inglés stores.

The fashion consumer and brand management

Frida Muntion_ Marketing Moda y Lujo

Frida Muntion

Marketing & Communications Manager - Clínica Dermatológica Internacional

Technology and innovation in fashion and beauty

Marta Robles blanco y negro

Marta Robles

Journalist and writer.

Fiona Ferrer

Fiona Ferrer

Journalist, entrepreneur and writer.

Alejandra Nuño

Alejandra Nuño

Top Voice Linkedin

Gender Equity 2022. Inspirational Speaker. Themes: #Health, #Wellness, #Longevity, #Productivity.

Rafael Flores

Rafael Flores

General Management Spain and Portugal Perfumes Loewe (LVMH) Luxury, Beauty, FMGC. Digital and cultura transformation. 

Rogelio Chung_Marketing Moda y Belleza

Rogelio Chung

Ecommerce Manager LEGO. Digital marketing and communication tools.

Paloma Sancho

Paloma Sancho

Beauty Director at TELVA Magazine.

Inmaculada Reinoso

Inmaculada Reinoso

Director of Marketing Communication & PR at Glent Shoes.

Stavros Georgakarakos

Stavros Georgakarakos

Global Director of Communications and Public Relatitons, expert in the luxury, fashion, beauty and wellness industry.

Eva Klobuznik_Marketing de Moda y Belleza

Eva Klobuznik

Marketing Manager at Eventim Spain. 


Marketing and digital communication plan: KPIs and metrics.

Marta Gracia_Marketing Moda y Belleza_2

Marta García

Country Manager IWC Schaffhausen.


Fashion and beauty marketing plan: omnichannel, pricing, product and distribution.

Professional prospects and entry profile

  • What you study here and now will have an impact on your career tomorrow. Start imagining your future and take a look at some of the professional prospects that await you.

    • Marketing Management
    • Brand Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Visual merchandiser
    • Retail Manager
    • Clientele and Loyalty Department
    • Content Manager
    • Communication Manager
    • Community Manager
  • For access to the Master's Degree in Fashion and Beauty Marketing Management, candidates must hold a Bachelor's Degree, Diploma or Bachelor's Degree in the area of:

    • Marketing, 
    • Communication, 
    • Social Sciences, 
    • Political Sciences, 
    • Law, 
    • Journalism, 
    • Economics, 
    • Tourism.


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