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Marketing & Digital Transformation

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Communication + Expert Degree in General Management

  • Título Oficial
  • Full Time
  • 240 ECTS
  • Sep. 2024 - 4 years


This degree is taught in SPANISH

The world of Marketing and la Communication is constantly evolving within an increasingly digital landscape. The Marketing Department is a now fundamental part of modern businesses, as it has the insight required to implement digital technologies within the framework of launching and managing product, and to boost the consumers’ desire to acquire its brands through both traditional and digital communication channels.

Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Communication + Diploma of Expertise in General Management of EAE Business School Madrid caters for the need for training that exists in the sector, which requires knowledge that generates a broad overview of key areas such as marketing, communication, economics, advertising and sales, and the international business landscape, as well as crucial topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility, communication skills and market research, all against the backdrop of digital transformation, which is the key to change in organizations.

With this Bachelor Degree, you will become a qualified professional who can contribute the knowledge and skills acquired to companies, with first-hand insight into the processes and new scenarios that the digital sphere offers us.

In addition, you will have the benefit of obtaining the Diploma of Expertise in General Management. This program will equip you with all the knowledge and skills required to do business in a world in a constant state of change, with training to gain a command of the ecosystem and the digital transformation in which organizations now operate.


The Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Communication is an official qualification run by the Universidad Internacional de la Empresa (UNIE) in collaboration with EAE Business School. This qualification program has been positively assessed by the Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+d, verified by the Universities Council and registered on the University, College and Qualification Registry (RUCT) of the Ministry of Universities. This official qualification is valid in all countries of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

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Reasons to take this Bachelor Degree

in EAE Business School
  1. Diploma of Expertise in General Management: You will round off your education with this qualification, which will equip you with the knowledge and aptitudes required to become the profile that companies demand.
  2. Employability: We have partnership agreements in place with over 5,300 companies in which you can embark on your professional career. 100% of our students do an internship.
  3. Networking: You will make the most of all the benefits of studying at a business school. You will always be in close contact with the professional field that interests you most through a range of conferences, seminars, forums and annual events.
  4. EAE Business School student profile: You will have the opportunity to interact with the different professional profiles involved in a business school. EAE Business School brings together people from many different countries and professional sectors, who all form part of the same virtuous circle that comprises EAE Business School, mutually enriching each other’s experience in order to grow professionally.
  5. Entrepreneurship: Final-year students can benefit from EAE Lab, our business incubator, which gives you access to financing and guidance for your entrepreneurial venture.
  6. Lecturers who are professionals working in the field: 70% of the faculty combine their professional activity with their teaching. The classes are adapted to the current reality of the business world.
  7. Personalized training: EAE Business School Madrid guarantees that you have access to support and advice whenever you need it in your day-to-day studies, giving you access to tutorials adapted to your needs and ensuring that class sizes remain small.
  8. Case Study Methodology: You will learn with the aid of practical exercises that recreate real company situations, learning how ton take action and make decisions.
  9. The Madrid Campus: You will study in a unique, vibrant community that welcomes over 4,000 students each year.
  10. True Potential Experience: Enjoy an experience that combines the Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Communication with a Personalized Professional Development Plan, guided by a True Potential Advisor, who will help you find, focus and develop your true potential.
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Subject TypesECTS
Core  60
Obligatory           168
External Internship   6
Bachelor’s Thesis    6
Total Credits 240

SubjectFirst semesterSecond semesterTypeECTS
Introduction to Economics   Core6
Communication Theory   Core6
Business Communication Skills   Core6
IT applied to Marketing   Core6
Foundations of Marketing   Core6
Media  Core6
Business English I   Compulsory6
Psychology applied to Marketing   Core6
Statistics applied to Marketing   Core6
Digital Marketing   Compulsory6

SubjectThird semesterFourth semesterTypeECTS
Commercial Communication in New Environments   Compulsory6
Foundations of Business Administration and Management   Core6
Product Policy   Compulsory6
Pricing Policy   Compulsory6
Foundations of Market Research   Core6
Web Technology and Databases   Compulsory6
Distribution Policy   Compulsory6
Promotional Policy   Compulsory6
Business English II   Compulsory6
Methods and Techniques of Information Analysis and Use   Compulsory6

SubjectFifth semesterSixth semesterTypeECTS
Commercial Planning and Negotiation Techniques   Compulsory6
Social Media Marketing and Community Management in Digital Environments   Compulsory6
Relational Marketing  and CSR   Compulsory6
International Economic Environment   Compulsory6
Events Organization, Institutional Relations and Protocol   Compulsory6
Commercial Simulation   Compulsory6
Digital Ecosystem and E-Commerce/Mobile Marketing   Compulsory6
Communication Project Management   Compulsory6
International Marketing   Compulsory6
Advertising Planning   Compulsory6

SubjectSeventh semesterEighth semesterTypeECTS
Executive Skills   Compulsory6
Neuromarketing  Compulsory6
Marketing and Branding Plan   Compulsory6
Consumer Behaviour and Sociology   Compulsory6
External Internship   Internship6
Creativity and Innovation in New Environments   Compulsory6
Internal Communication   Compulsory6
Corporate Communication Management   Compulsory6
Communication and Advertising Policy   Compulsory6
Bachelor’s Thesis   TFG6



Business and Human Rights: the Global Compact and the Ruggie Principles



Agenda 2030: the Sustainable Development Goals and Business Management



The Evolution of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and CSR: Integrating the New Sustainability Principles and Goals



Design for Businesses



Design Thinking Processes



Design Management 42  
DISRUPTIVE LEADERSHIPDisruptive Environment 42  
DISRUPTIVE LEADERSHIPDisruption and Leadership 32  
DISRUPTIVE LEADERSHIPResilient Action Plan 32  
HR ANALYTICSData Management and Artificial Intelligence 23  
HR ANALYTICSMeasuring Different Key Aspects in People 43  
HR ANALYTICSLeadership and Implementation of Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence 43  
NEURO-DIGITAL MARKETINGScientific and Technical Foundations of Neuroscience and Biometrics for Digital Marketing 43  


Neuro digital research 33  


The Digital Neuromarketing Plan 33  


Final Program Project 104  



6 Territories to conquer

1. Entrepreneurship and Management of New Business Ventures

You will create, lead and manage business ventures focused on marketing and communication. 

2. Analysis of the Offline and Online Environment

You will be equipped to assess how best to conduct consumer relations in real and digital interactive settings, with the aim of taking full advantage of the Internet, 5G and ICTs as sources of knowledge and tools for consumer relations.

3. Foundations of Marketing

You will use market research and ICTs with expertise, as well as managing and analysing both the key information sources for the company and its contents, with the aim of implementing the consumer experience effectively.

4. Branding

You will apply essential principles and approaches to develop successful branding strategies, thereby enhancing the brand-consumer relations.

5. Communication

You will effectively design, plan, implement and present a specific advertising strategy and campaign, right through to the company’s integrated marketing plan.

6. Talent and Innovation

You will manage the talent and innovation successfully in modern companies.

Professional prospects and entry profile

  • What you study here and now will have an impact on your career tomorrow. Start imagining your future and take a look at some of the professional prospects that await you.

    • Marketing Manager
    • Director of Digital Strategies
    • Product Manager
    • Community Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Communications / Global Marketing Strategy Manager
    • Digital Marketing Specialist
    • Online Positioning Specialist
    • Head of R&D through Market Research
  • In accordance with the regulations that govern access to official university undergraduate study programs and the admissions procedures of Spanish public universities, candidates for the Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Communication at EAE Business School (Madrid) can access the undergraduate study program, depending on their profile, through the various different access channels.

    Candidates who fulfil the following conditions are entitled to access undergraduate study programs:

    A) Students in possession of the High School Baccalaureate Diploma of the Spanish education system or another recognized equivalent qualification.

    B) Students in possession of the European or International High School Baccalaureate.

    C) Students in possession of a High School Baccalaureate qualification, diploma or certification issued by the education system of a Member State of the European Union or another state with which Spain has signed an international agreement in this respect on a reciprocal basis.

    D) Students in possession of a qualification, diploma or study certification with accredited equivalence with the High School Baccalaureate Diploma of the Spanish education system, obtained or completed in the education system in a state that is not a member of the European Union and with which Spain has not signed an international agreement for the recognition of such qualifications on a reciprocal basis, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 4.

    E) Students in possession of an official Advanced Vocational Training qualification, or Advanced Vocational Art and Design qualification, or Advanced Sport qualification within the Spanish education system, or a qualification, diploma or study certification declared equivalent to the aforementioned qualifications, notwithstanding the provisions of Article 4.

    F) Students in possession of a qualification, diploma or study certification other than the equivalent of a High School Baccalaureate, Advanced Vocational Training qualification, or Advanced Vocational Art and Design qualification, or Advanced Sport qualification within the Spanish education system obtained or completed in a Member State of the European Union or another state with which Spain has signed an international agreement in this respect on a reciprocal basis, on the condition that the students in question fulfil the academic requirements stipulated in the other state to entitle the student to access university studies.

    G) People over twenty-five years old who pass the access examination established in this Royal Decree.

    H) People over forty years old with employment or professional experience related to the field of study of the qualification program in question.

    I) People over forty-five years old who pass the access examination established in this Royal Decree.

    J) Students in possession of an official university Bachelor, Master or equivalent qualification.

    K) Students in possession of an official university qualification (university diploma, Technical Architecture or Engineering Diploma, Bachelor Degree, or Architecture or Engineering Diploma) corresponding to the previous university education structure, or an equivalent qualification.

    L) Students who have partially completed university studies in Spain or abroad or who have completed foreign university studies that have not been recognized for equivalence accreditation in Spain, and who want to continue their studies at a Spanish university. In this case, it is an essential requirement that the student has earned at least 30 ECTS credits in their previous studies at the corresponding university.

    M) Students who met the criteria to access university studies in accordance with previous structures of the Spanish education system prior to Organic Law 8/2013, of 9th December.

    N) Any other circumstance stipulated in the applicable legislation.

    • Estudiantes en posesión de un título universitario oficial de Grado, Máster o título equivalente.
    • Estudiantes en posesión de un título universitario oficial de Diplomado universitario, Arquitecto Técnico, Ingeniero Técnico, Licenciado, Arquitecto, Ingeniero, correspondientes a la anterior ordenación de las enseñanzas universitarias o título equivalente.
    • Estudiantes que hayan cursado estudios universitarios parciales extranjeros o españoles, o que habiendo finalizado los estudios universitarios extranjeros no hayan obtenido su homologación en España y deseen continuar estudios en una universidad española. En este supuesto, será requisito indispensable que la universidad correspondiente les haya reconocido al menos 30 créditos ECTS.
    • Estudiantes que estuvieran en condiciones de acceder a la universidad según ordenaciones del Sistema Educativo Español anteriores a la Ley Orgánica 8/2013, de 9 de diciembre.
    • Otros supuestos que pueda determinar la legislación vigente.
  • Respecto a las actitudes o intereses que se recomienda poseer a la hora de iniciar el grado, se resaltan los siguientes: 

    • Capacidad e interés por la resolución de problemas.
    • Interés por la búsqueda de soluciones alternativas y creativas.
    • Capacidad de estudio, comprensión, crítica y desarrollo de opinión propia. 
    • Capacidad para el razonamiento lógico y abstracto.
    • Capacidad para el uso y aplicación de técnicas cuantitativas.
    • Facilidad de comunicación y trabajo en equipo.
    • Interés por la constante búsqueda de innovación, organización y planificación.
    • Ganas de crecer y espíritu emprendedor.
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